60 seconds of all time best facial hair moments

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The non-perfect look

acne studio aw16

chloe aw16

giles aw16

Trends are changing and for the better! Beauty trends are shifting towards a non-perfect look. The golden rules: bold nails and lip, light sun-kissed tan, sexy pink blush, and most of all, an easy, underdone look. In terms of hair this means that a good cut beats everything: more care and structure, less blowouts and curlers. It’s good times ahead. A very good article, so catch the story here.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day Supermoms, enjoy your day! We <3 you!

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Where beauty meets science

Kérastase is the place where beauty meets science. Which is why we love it!

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Words of wisdom

Grace Kelly

I never say « never » and I never say « always ». – Grace Kelly

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Overcoming hair loss

« For me beauty and femininity aren’t about putting your best features forward, but about embracing your flaws. »
– Suleika Jaouad
9 women talk about overcoming hair loss and share their stories of recovery. It’s beautifully honest and revealing.

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Man’s guide to wearing shorts


Man’s guide to wearing shorts:
« Short enough that your knees are visible or just slightly covered if standing still. Long enough that you’re not showing the world you rarely tan your thighs. »
You’re welcome.
According to artofmanliness.com, in the picture: Brioni SS 2015.

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Denim & air-dry

denim & air dry

denim & air dry What to wear right now: air-dried hair and denim! How to get a great air-dry? You will need a good textured cut, and the right product. The cut will shape your hair on its own without the need to do a blowout. Depending on how your hair behaves, you may need to texturise it, reduce the frizz, or add some shine. At Paulo Machado Coiffure we’ll be happy to consult you on the product, since the choice out there can be overwhelming. The third, and the most important rule? Do. Not. Brush your hair after washing. Editorial & credits AnOther Mag.

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Sometimes inspiration comes from art

Nettie Wakefield

Nettie Wakefield

Nettie Wakefield Sometimes inspiration comes from art! There is so much character in the hair: you can almost see the personality without seeing the face itself… Drawing by Nettie Wakefield.

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Love your hair!

 Alessandra Favetto

 Alessandra Favetto Love your hair! Beautiful photography by Alessandra Favetto for a lovely & sunny weekend.

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Non bridal bridal

non bridal bridal

A wedding album like no other! We love, love, love, the non-bridal bridal!

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Air dry like a boss!

Air dry Air dry Broken up into an easy step by step guide: how to get a fab air dry result with no effort. At. All. Happy Monday! Get the full story here.

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Textured Bob

textured bob
One our favourite trends this spring: the textured bob!
No-nonsense cut that looks effortless and is so easy to style at home. It works in both wavy and straight, and it can « pull off » any style – from natural & soft look to rock n’ roll.

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The new « Presidential Plane »

Presidential Jet   Presidential Jet   Presidential Jet Yes, yes, it’s not related to our usual topics, but, hey, beauty is beauty! We came across some amazing pictures of the Boeing 747 private jet selected to be the new « Presidential Plane » (of the US, of course). And OMG.

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Facial hair – yes or no?

facial hair yes or no
Some answers to the age-old question: facial hair – yes or no? Fashion aside, a bearded man is often seen as unconventional, but also as a person of maturity and authority.
Not bad!

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