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Love thy hair!

love thy hair!

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Happy father’s day

Paulo Machado Coiffure - Happy Father's Day

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The way it was

The way it was

Ok, we can’t match the prices, but we can sure match the quality of the good old days!

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Our choice from Paris fashion week

Paulo Machado's choice  - Tom Ford Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week’s beauty favourite: the Tom Ford undone Rock n’ Roll look. Inspring!

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Long hair, autumn 2014

Long hair

On trend this autumn: long hair.
BUT – that effortless look needs some serious maintenance: protecting your long locks form harsh weather, keeping it nourished and shiny. We at Paulo Machado Coiffure are always there for you to offer the right haircare advice, the best treatments and products.
Hello autumn – bring it on!

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Shop for the hair brush like a pro

Photographed by Irving Penn, Vogue, October 01, 1997

Shop for the hair brush like a pro: 1. Consider the shape: flat or round. 2. Chose nylon, boar-bristle, or both 3. The tighter the bristles are packed, the better Get the full story @ Vogue.

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Hermès Tie Break

Hermes Tie Break
Did you know? Hermès has a free mobile app called “Tie Break” where you can pick your favourite tie shapes patterns, get fun facts, knot tutorials, etc. Must check it out – it’s a really delightful time waster! 😉

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Dior Homme Winter 2014

Our choice for when it gets colder  – Dior Homme Winter 2014. Nice video, too!

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The best supermodel hair crops of all times.

Model Haircuts

The best supermodel hair crops of all times (here). In the photo Karlie Kloss’ famous haircut moment. Soooo… Who’s up for a Bob at Paulo Machado Coiffure?

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Fall 2014 Couture – Red is back!

Fall 2014 Couture Red is back this fall, in a big way, and in a color accent splashy kind of way, too. It’s the redhead season!! Get the red look at Paulo Machado Coiffure. In the pictures: Vionnet, Elie Saab, Gianbattista Valli, Viktor & Rolf, Fall 2014 Couture. Source.

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New Hairstyles for Young Ladies – Gemma Correll

Gemma Correll LOL Please don’t ask your hairdresser for one of these, thank you! More really funny cartoons by Gemma Correll here.

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Splashlight is the new ombre!

L'Oréal It Looks

Splashlight Redken

Get the look at Paulo Machado Coiffure!

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The world has lost a great man!

Robin Williams - Good Morning Vietnam

The wold has lost a great man. Rest in peace, Robin Williams.

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Exercise for Bearded Men.

Exercise for Bearded Men

A study says that beards are going out of style.To this we say KAPOW !

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